Pastoral Staff


Senior Pastor Michael Enersen gave his heart to the Lord in 1976 at Brightmoor Tabernacle in Detroit.  He has been the Senior Pastor of Full Gospel Temple since 1987.

He has the anointed ability to share his knowledge of the Word in a down to earth, uncompromised, practical way that challenges, educates, & encourages everyone that has the privilege of sitting under his ministry.

His unwavering commitment has been a stalwart example for all who know him.  His desire for his calling to preach – is to encourage a closer walk w/Jesus in everyday life.


FGT Leaders_0055_ppPastor Beneteau is the minister in charge of Lighthouse Home Missions, our clothing & feeding program. Her compassion for the poor, and her zeal for the lost have made her a vessel that God uses to show how much He loves us.


When she came to Full Gospel Temple and began establishing the Lighthouse Home Missions, it had humble beginnings in her basement. Growing with the ministry that God had called her to, she has had to take a stand for righteousness in the community, in city hall and even in some churches.


Pastor Beneteau is married with three grown children and her family supports her completely in home and ministry life.


FGT Leaders_0012_ppPastor Nemeth gave his heart to the Lord in 1971 at Gilead Baptist Church.  He has a passion for souls. That passion has been expressed both here in the United States and abroad.  He has lead mission teams to numerous countries, and has preached the gospel in over 20 nations.

Pastor Nemeth is a Vietnam Veteran, he oversees ministry at Walter Reuther Hospital, The Nursing Home Ministries, Substance Abuse Ministry @ Oakdale Recovery center in Canton, New Creations in Christ (substance abuse ministry @ FGT), also heads up our over 50 group called YOMO, and has a ministry to vets.  These ministries are open to those that feel a direction from the Holy Spirit to help in these areas.

From the time Pastor Nemeth first arrived at Full Gospel Temple in 1981, he has had a desire to serve.  From maintenance, to Royal Rangers, to missions Pastor, and Vice President of FGFI, Pastor Nemeth always finds himself in the middle of whatever God is accomplishing and hard at work in the task.


Visit the YOMO page for more information on the 50+ group

The Vets meetings are monthly on the 1st Friday of each month @ 6:30 in Pastor Nemeth’s home; speak with Pastor Nemeth if you are interested in attending.


FGT Leaders_0041Pastor Stanbury gave her heart to the Lord in 1980 and has stepped right into the roll of  Christian Education since.  Because of her love for children and desire for them to know Jesus, she continues in her calling to teach; serving children in Sunday School, Children’s Church, & VBS.

Pastor Stanbury joined the staff of FGT in 2004 and oversees Christian Education from nursery thru adult. With a deep conviction that the Word of God has the power to change hearts, renew minds, and transform lives, her desire is to make disciples. “Witnessing first hand the progressive work of the Holy Spirit to transform an individual’s life is what it is all about.” –

Her goals for her ministry are – Inspiring to have a personal relationship w/Jesus our Lord & Savior to all my areas of influence. – To develope disciples to Maturity in the faith through worship, in learning by teaching God’s Word and in serving and sharing our faith. – And to raise up teachers and leaders.

She & her husband teach the Financial Care Group, & oversee the Marriage CARE groups.



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