Kingdom Kids Church

Kingdom Kids Church is our Sunday morning worship service that relates to kids.  They meet at 11:00 am each Sunday in the chapel.

Each week children receive biblical instruction with a variety of teaching methods. These methods are presented using a single theme, which is repeated throughout the worship service. The Kingdom Kids Church teaching staff is committed to serving the children the principles of God’s Word.

Kingdom Kids Church reaches our kids on their level with the tools of media. Media is utilized for songs, puppets, skits, and video games. Brief video segments are presented to introduce or repeat spiritual principles being taught. Different characters visit regularly through media or in person. The kids love the characters in Kingdom Kids Church and learn much from their insight in God’s Word.

Kingdom Kids Church has their own store. The children receive Bible Bucks for attending each week and have opportunity to earn more during the service. The Kingdom Kids Church Store opens at the end of the service and the children may make purchases with their earned Bible Bucks.

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