Y.O.M.O. (Years of Marvelous Opportunities) for ages 50+

Why YOMO? Because our years of experience have not eliminated us from productivity, instead, they have equipped up for more “Years of Marvelous Opportunities”.

Y.O.M.O. is a balanced ministry of activities, teaching, helps, fellowship, and ministry to meet the needs of the entire group. (Worship, Evangelism, & Discipleship)

Remember, God has shaped us through our years of experience for THIS TIME.

Come be a part of the Marvelous Opportunities God has for you. YOMO is for men and women 50+ (spouses are welcome regardless of age) Please feel free to invite friends to any or all of the meetings and events.

The only thing that can make YOMO  any better will be if you join us.



-Assist with Circle of Love

-Visit shut-ins,

-Send Get Well cards to YOMO members,

-Join our Nursing Home Ministry.

-Monthly Bible Study & Luncheon: Pastor Nemeth will be teaching the School of Christ material & we will share lunch. Over several years, Pastor Nemeth has taken the S.O.C. around the world, as well as taught it here. The material will definitely challenge you.

-Quarterly Event where we go somewhere together.

If you would like to be included in any of these opportunities, contact Pastor Don or Jan Nemeth

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