Christian Education

You never experienced ‘Sunday School’ like this! Our Christian Education department is ‘cookin’. There is something great offered for all ages.

Classes are offered Sunday @ 11 AM & 6 PM &  Wednesday @ 7 PM.


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SUNDAY 11:00 AM:

Classes for Nursery age (0-3) thru 6th grade.

Adult worship service is taking place in the Temple @ this time.


Children classes Nursery thru 18 yrs.

Adult classes available currently: “Through the Bible” (systematic study of God’s Word); “Kingdom Insights” (topical class/currently Parenting); Women’s Ministry (women only).


Classes for Nursery thru 12th grade.

Adult worship service in Temple

Our nursery is more than a baby-sitting service. We begin training children at an early age.

If you would like to speak to someone regarding specific classes, call Pastor Stanbury @ 734-326-3333 X 13

Christian Education Report for 2020:
Wednesday, January 1st 2020 began Christian Ed classes for the new year and for the next 10 weeks classes operated per schedule until March 15th, at which time COVID-19 spread thru the State of MI and In-House Church was suspended.
Wednesday night classes resumed on June 10th, Sunday night classes on June 14th, and Sunday morning classes for 11am service re-opened on July 19th. Children returned to Kingdom Kinds church in the NEW location in the office complex “Loft”. In December, Sunday and Wednesday night classes were not in session.
The Annual 2020 attendance including teachers and students for:
Sun 9am: 132
Sun 11am: 1,282
Sun pm: 2,932
Wed pm: 2,427
New Members Added: 9
While 2020 was most certainly challenging, it also sparked creativity in our teachers. Teachers kept in touch with students by phone, text, or thru the US Postal Service. There were lessons, activities, and crafts mailed or delivered to homes.
Pam McEwen was faithful to keep in touch with all of our bus ministry families and personally delivered things they needed to their homes.
The blessing of 2020 was that we live in a technical age which afforded our high school and middle school age girls an opportunity for classes to be held by ZOOM. Christian Ed Worker’s Training was also conducted by ZOOM. We met 2020 challenges with a determination to go forward.
While classes were suspended, C.E. continued to offer FGT families resources for biblical learning through Right Now Media – and “Pick-of-the-week” was introduced with the aid of Pastor Lafferty and the Media department. Each Sunday, a scriptural principal was highlighted from an animated faith based children’s series such as, Adventures in Odyssey, Bibe Man, Friends & Heroes, God Rocks, Iesado, Yasadoe, Jelly Telly, Superbook, Theo, Veggie Tales, and others.
It was our desire that parents would take advantage of this valuable resource by viewing each weeks suggested lesson and engaging in a family discussion on the practical application of the biblical principal presented.
Marriage Care:
Marriage Care continued in 2020 by providing care for one on one couples as well as couple groups meeting in homes to strengthen the marriage covenant through biblically sound teaching. When needed we met the challenge of COVID-19 lock downs by meeting by ZOOM and or Duo.
In March, just before the lock down, 16 couples participated in a marriage enrichment retreat at Michindoh. The teaching was from Genesis and the focal point was for couples to identify the lies that creep into our thinking and threaten our marriage. Couples were admonished to stop sleeping with the Enemy!
FGT was represented well as Ken and I won first place competing with other couples in the Newly Wed Game.
Missionette and Royal Rangers Annual Fly-Up Ceremony was in June. The ceremony was a little different but our goal to honor our your people remained the same.
We honored our children and teens by displaying their name and picture on the Temple overhead screen and certificates were distributed after the ceremony. Teachers also represented their classes in presenting skits to the congregation in our young people’s stead. First, the Missionette teachers presented the skit, “Graduation: Faith, Hope, and Love” in which each teacher played the part of a student in a classroom with their teacher, Mrs. Denson.
The Ranger Commander followed with the skit, “Who Do You Say Jesus Is?” And the Missionette teachers closed the ceremony with the skit, “The Gift”. The gift, offered in the skit was eternal life through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!
In September, Rangers sponsored a Field Day on church grounds. Boys competed in several events for prizes. The competition was somewhat challenging but overall a lot of fun! The Rangers had a great day!
Missionette/Rangers Bottle Drive ran from:
June10th- September 9th.
It was our most profitable Drive to date. Stores were enforcing return limits and were long waiting lines. Due to these condition’s many people preferred to donate their bottles and cans to the Drive than deal with returning them and this really boosted the numbers. Secondly, Mrs. Enersen, Mrs. Laura Vasquez and Josephine got involved! They worked hard through out the summer collecting and returning bottles and cans. Their hard work resulted in the highest Bottle Drive numbers we have ever had. Thank you for all your labor of love!
The final numbers for the Rangers was: 16,978
and for the win- and setting a new record –
The Missionette’s final numbers were: 34,913
2020 VBS
Kingdom Kids VBS was pulled from our archives and was held from June 28th – August 30th, during Sunday night, School of the Bible. Kids toured this castle themed VBS in two groups called, “The Bishops” and “The Knights”. There was something new to learn in each Castle Station such as, Epic Bible, Castle Art, Tournament Games, The Royal Theater, and even in the King’s Kitchen.
In Epic Bible, children learned about King David, Queen Esther, Nehemiah, King Josiah, and The King of Kings, King Jesus
Five Bible points were reinforced throughout the summer and they were:
God’s love helps us Stand Strong!
Family and Friends hep us Stand Strong!
Prayer helps us Stand Strong!
Trusting God helps us Stand Strong! And…..
The Bible helps us Stand Strong!
The average weekly attendance including volunteers was: 40
Family Fun Night
Family Fun Night was held Saturday, October 31st. Due to COVID-19 – ALL FFN activities were held outdoors. The weather was kind to us – a little chilly, but bearable.
85 People volunteered
233 Children and teens registered
Registrants were from 1-17 yrs. old and each received a bag at the registration table for candy. There were 10 games set up in an open tent on the east parking lot with a volunteer assisting at each one. All of the games had a tub of candy with a scoop to pour the candy in each participants bag. Next to the game tent was the Missionette’s sponsored craft tent. Children were intently making crafts through-out the evening. I never saw it empty. Concessions was also located on the east parking lot, right outside the soup kitchen. A barista bar was a new addition to our FFN concession area and operated by our own barista professional Danae Beach.
Ranger Commanders did a great job setting up and overseeing activities on the front lawn of the church. There was Archery, target shooting, Beat the Clock, bouncy houses, javelin throw (pool noodles), and the FFN jail. Also, on the front lawn closer to the west parking lot under the carport doors, visitors were greeted by Beauty and the Beast at the Cupcake Walk.
FFN was a little different in 202, however, we did not waver on our mission to present the gospel. Instead of having ministry at the end of the evening, the volunteer drama team walked amongst the crowd through-out the evening and leg people to the east parking lot stage, where they performed, “The Champion”. After the last performance an alter call was given and all the children sitting in the front row with heads bowed and eyes closed, raised their hands to accept Jesus as their Savior.
Let the Little Children come unto me!
At the close of the evening we had a drawing for prizes and gave away gift baskets, gift cards, and 4 bicycles.
2020 FFN turned out to be a great event!
It was great because of all the volunteers who served and made it a success!
Thank You, Pastor for allowing me to serve this congregation!
Karrie Stanbury
Assistant Pastor/Christian Education


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