Woman of Honor


WM’s “Woman of Honor”

 Shakiya Perez

 “Reward her for all she has done, Let her deeds publicly declare her praise.” Proverbs 31:31

My husband Ray and I have been married for over 15 years and we have 4 beautiful children: Amiya (15), Mariya (13), Niyla (12), and Josiah (6 months). My occupation is Training & Quality Manager at Carhartt. I’ve been attending FGT Since 2012 and I currently serve in Children’s Ministry and I am involved with the Women’s Ministry too! God has blessed my life beyond my wildest dreams. He has given me unconditional love and has shown me that HE will always take care of me, and my family. He is such a protective and loving God. Spiritually, He has given me the gift of tongues, prayer and fellowship with my Care group sisters. Tangibly, He has blessed us with a new baby boy, a new home, & stable finances. Please pray that my eyes, mind and heart are always open and receptive to the Holy Spirit. Pray that all of my children serve God all the days of their lives. Pray that God stays at the center of my home, relationships, & work.My favorite scripture is Joshua 1:9. This is one of my favorites because in the world people come and go, and bad things will happen but God will always be there. In this scripture, He commands that we be strong and courageous, and do not give up on what He has called us to do. That gives me hope, peace, and profound bravery that I can face anything! Kind of like a spiritual super hero!  

WM’s would like to thank Shakiya  for serving as a Care Group Assistant Leader, 

Always being willing to serve at retreat, and also volunteering for meal ministry!  

You are such a blessing to our body! We appreciate all that you do, Shakiya!


WM’s April “Woman of Honor”
Amy Collins

 “Reward her for all she has done, Let her deeds publicly declare her praise.” Proverbs 31:31

My husband Larrie and I have been married 6 months and I have been blessed to attend FGT for nearly a year and a half. I have 3 Children: David, Emily, & Andrew and I’m also blessed with my grandson Blake and my 18 month old granddaughter Rhiannon. I have been a Marketing Director for McDonalds for over 31 years and I am also blessed to serve in the Lighthouse Pantry at this time.  I am also enjoying YOMO’s, Women’s Ministry Class, and the Secret Sister Program. God has blessed my life by giving me my children, my husband Larrie, and HE has brought me through many difficult experiences. My only prayer request is that I am able to adjust to a new job in September.  My favorite scripture passage is Ephesians 6, the Armor of God.

WM’s would like to thank Amy  for donating handmade items for our fundraising efforts!

  We appreciate you, Amy!


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