Woman of The Month

Woman of the Month.

WM’s “Woman of the Month” October 2017: Teresa Hyde “Reward her for all she has done, Let her deeds publicly declare her praise.” Proverbs 31:31

I have been married to my wonderful husband, Michael for 11 years and I have been attending FGT for over 10 years. Together we have 5 children: Amber Schantz, 30; Kenneth Letellier, 29; Joshua Letellier, 26; Ian Letellier, 25;& Samantha Hyde, 23.  We also have 3 Grandchildren: Alexander, 10;  Eoin, 3, and Ezra, 3.  I am currently a homemaker/babysitter and I volunteer in the Food Pantry, Lead a  Women’s Care Group, Direct WM’S Helping Hands, work with the Temple Keepers, Teach Missionettes, and I am an Altar Worker.  God has blessed me in SO many ways!  His first blessing was to call me out of the World & lead Mike & I to FGT…He has given us purpose where there was none before. He allowed me to resign from a job of 12 years (which was our major source of income) in order to devote myself to what he would have me to do. Through faith, He blessed my husband with a job and has provided & blessed us in so many ways… Children coming to Christ…Owning Our Home…Restoring my marriage…restoring relationships…Giving me the family that I have at FGT. The list goes on and on.  TO FGT: GODS word is true & does not return Void. If you push into Him, seek Him out in all things, He truly will move in your life. Be the Hands & Feet that he has called us to be. Be the Servant He would have all of us to be-There is no greater Blessing than to Serve as onto to the LORD. WM’S is one of the Greatest Ministries within our Church Body…To all of the Women out there, if you have not gotten involved in one way or another with WM’S, you truly are missing a great blessing.  The relationships built through WM’S & their different Ministries could be some of the Strongest Faith Built Relationships you find within our Church Body. The ladies that serve on the WM’S Board are some of the Greatest Woman that I have ever met in my life, ones that we should all strive to Emulate ourselves after. They are Strong in Faith & their relationships with the Lord. My favorite scripture is John 3:16.



The Secret Sister Program is designed as a way for women to get to know each other. Each one in the program receives a SS for 6 months & she is to lift her up in prayer, give cards of encouragement, & bless her as the Lord leads. Please talk with Sherry Hilthon if you have any questions about SS.

                                                                                                                                                                We have a ministry called Helping Hands, which is for elderly women who are members of FGT & in need of help with cleaning, cooking or transportation. Please talk with Laurie, Donna or Jessica if you have any questions about this ministry opportunity.

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