Interpretation of Tongues

Whenever God speaks to us in a message of tongues and interpretation, we will post it here.



Do you know that when no one is seeing you, when no one is hearing you.  There is a being that is seeing you and hearing you, when you are alone by yourself, when it seems that you are quiet a being is hearing you.

Do you know that a day has been set aside to bring all your works to light.  Do you know that you will give account of your life?
You that has been planning evil against the other, to take a position that is not yours, Stop!  Stop!
You have gone so far.  Do you know that your life is going on record?
Do you know that God Almighty is seeing you ?
You have gone too far planning evil, but Stop!
Promotion does not come from any man, not from any where, but from God the Almighty, from above.
God is seeing you. Your life is not hid before him.  You are an open book.
You cannot hide anywhere.
You have been nursing this evil for a long time, but Stop! I say Stop!
If you fail to stop, you will give in to it and you will not come out of it…………
Says the Spirit of God………

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