Interpretation of Tongues

Whenever God speaks to us in a message of tongues and interpretation, we will post it here.

December 3, 2017


What are you waiting for? 3x Are you waiting for another season to come & go by, still in your old life? Still in your old conversation? No! It shall not be so with you any more.

But who will believe Me? Who will believe to receive from Me? Who will believe in Me to receive? Who will believe in Me today?

Will you receive from Me that the Son of God be born in your conversation, in your social life, in your privacy, in your family, to have wholesomeness and new birth. Who will believe in Me? Will you receive from Me the newness of life from the Son of God? Receive from Me! Receive from Me! 7x…..Newness of life, wholesomeness. Receive the new birth from the Son of God Jesus Christ, says the Spirit of God.



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