Interpretation of Tongues

Whenever God speaks to us in a message of tongues and interpretation, we will post it here.              May 14, 2017


You must be born again 3x

Yes I have been prayed for….Now search yourself whether you are born of the Spirit of God.

If you are born of the Spirit of God, you will desire what the Spirit desires.

You will walk with God, and the Spirit of His Son will be in you.

Whose spirit is in you?  The spirit of the world?  That is carnality, and you will not desire the things of God.  Even when you do, it is for you to be seen, and you will not please God.

Whose spirit is in you? 2x

You can repent today. You can check yourself today. You can come to Me today. There is no time to waste. Repent and be born again by God, says the Spirit of God.



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