Interpretation of Tongues

Whenever God speaks to us in a message of tongues and interpretation, we will post it here.

June 4, 2017

Strive to enter, strive, (3x) to enter.  You are almost at the finish line. The battle is almost finished. Strive, struggle to make it. Struggle, continue struggling (2x) Struggle for righteousness. Struggle for the truth. Struggle until the Lord sees your struggle and renders help.  If you are beaten down, do not remain there, get up and continue struggling. Remember that this world will pass away. It will be melted out with everything in it. Will you be melted out too? No, for you are the beloved of the Lord. Struggle, struggle, do not listen to the world. Struggle, and thirst for righteousness. Continue struggling until the Lord sees your struggles and renders help- says the Spirit of God.


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