Interpretation of Tongues

Whenever God speaks to us in a message of tongues and interpretation, we will post it here.



Listen to Me very carefully; I am bringing you into reasoning. I have two assignments for you. Get your pen and paper and write. Your topic is LIST OF MY DOINGS: “O believer, listen again. I have two assignments for you. Number One Assignment: List out all your doings, you can remember for all the days of last week. Number two Assignment: List out the days of this week, starting from Sunday. Be careful to put down your doings of each day. And now you will be your own judge. Find out the percentage of Jesus Christ in your doings in each day of your last week list. Write them down for each day. Total them, read them out as you total them. Find out how much of Jesus that was in your last week. Be the judge of your life, as you do so note: that your life is going on record every day. And your judgment will lead you into victory, for I want to find you set free when I come. For the scripture says if the Son shall make you free, you shall be free indeed says the Spirit of the Lord.


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